Prepárate para entrenar con frío, lluvia y viento sin renunciar al estilo

<tc>Get ready to train in cold, rain, and wind without compromising your style</tc>

See it and love it

Has it ever happened to you that you're training so calmly and you have a crush? No, we're not talking about your crush.

We're talking about the moment when you get distracted because you inevitably focus on a sports outfit that your aesthetic sensibility doesn't want to overlook. What we call a 'see it and love it' of a lifetime.

Attentive as we always are to everything that awakens in the world of sports, at OTSO we know that for you, dear athlete, the first impression is the one that counts, and that's why we manufacture our products thinking about giving you your daily dose of spectacle.

Proof of this is the star details of our waterproof jacket, such as the elastic trims at the wrists, waist, and hood.

Its success is no coincidence: combining sensational colors and technical and intelligent high-end fabric, training with the waterproof trail running windbreaker made by OTSO causes a sensation.

Get ready to turn heads

You know that mundane and OTSO never go hand in hand. We like to create and design products capable of expressing joy and character with a great added value: comfort designed and manufactured with the best textiles on the market.

When we started working to develop our waterproof jacket for your running and outdoor sessions, we wanted to achieve a product that would be a hit for you: casual, comfortable to wear, lightweight, resistant, and technical. And with OTSO textile technology everything is possible!

Moreover, wearing it is very easy: this winter the waterproof jacket made by OTSO has positioned itself as the favorite waterproof and windproof piece of OTSO athletes, who wear it non-stop because of the versatility it offers to wear it at any time of the day.

A true whimsical piece

Always combining flattering tones for any time of the year, there are ten unisex designs that we offer you to defy the low temperatures of the mountains.

Choose from the waterproof in white, with details in orange, fuchsia pink, electric blue, or black, the waterproof in black, with orange, fuchsia pink, electric blue, or charcoal gray, or the new waterproof and windproof jackets from OTSO.

The new colors of the waterproof made by OTSO do not go unnoticed: pink and blue transmit an immediate feeling of freshness and sophistication that will take you to the place where the sport is emotional, will make you feel stronger, and will transform your workouts into your favorite moment of the day.  

Waterproof, lightweight and fun guaranteed

Our waterproof jackets are pure fantasy because they do not stick to the body, they are ultra-light and very comfortable; their weight is minimal, they take up very little space and their insulation capacity is enormous: they incorporate a 10000 mmH2O membrane that protects you from the cold and wind and insulates you from the water!

You can say goodbye forever to the feeling of intense cold! Made of 50% polyester, 45% polyurethane membrane, and 5% elastane, your new waterproof windbreaker is a very thin and very useful fabric for running, as it is highly resistant and durable thanks to its synthetic fibers. 

Whatever sport you practice, with OTSO's ultra-light waterproof jacket you can make it ultra-comfortable and very original.

We make it easy for you: enter the code WATERPROOFDAYS2.0 at checkout and you can get yours for only 99 €, saving 50 € off the original retail price. Offer valid until Thursday, March 23th.

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