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Women's swimsuit - Black Snake

Women's swimsuit - Black Snake

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  • Manufactured entirely in the European Union
  • 100% PBT Polyester (ahigh resistance to chlorine)
  • UV protection factor 50+
  • OEKO-TEX® certified


To ensure that our swimsuits maintain their optimal performance, we recommend;

  • Rinse with fresh water after use;
  • Do not leave it wet for a long time in a bag or closed wrapper.
  • Do not leave it wet exposed to the sun for a long time in a bag or closed wrapper;
  • Hand wash only with delicate laundry soaps;
  • Let dry naturally away from any heat source.


    Min. height Max height. Min. weight Max weight.
    XS 148 cm 155 cm 43 kg 48 kg
    S 152 cm 163 cm 48 kg 55 kg
    M 163 cm 172 cm 55 kg 63 kg
    L 172 cm 180 cm 62 kg 72 kg
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